Runners Edition

Runners Edition

It feels so good to run outdoors. Isn't it ? 

That wind, fresh air and reunion with nature is just beautiful, but have you ever carried your smartphone on a run? 

Maybe you took a belt bag or backpack with you just to keep your keys and wallet on hand?

If yes then your workout wardrobe is missing an essential item: leggings with pockets.

Our "Runners Edition" feature leggings with handy storage compartments built into the waistband (perfect for cards, keys or little cash) or they just have roomy thigh side pockets to fit all your essentials and smartphones. Whether you need a pair for yoga, jogging, or running errands, these leggings with pockets will be comfortable enough to wear from day to night. 

Find your perfect pair. Enjoy. Breathe. Be active. And share your experience with @borntobe.dxb to get featured on our Instagram page.


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